Business Advisory & Risk Management

Risk Analysis & Control


It is imperative for any organisation to have a comprehensive knowledge of their capabilities, limitations, weaknesses and areas of particular risk and then incorporate mechanisms to cope with identified risks within the organisation. 


Doing this will ensure that organisational goals are achieved; all systems run smoothly, and that efficiency is achieved. Our consultants have strong industry knowledge and have the expertise to work with you on your particular business model.


At James Alpheus Consulting, we ensure we understand and apply relevant risk analysis and control frameworks to our clients’ businesses. This means our clients not only get effective and practical solutions for their organisation’s needs but are also able to leverage their business strengths.



We assist our clients in the areas of operating and financing structure design and implementation based on our expertise and wide experience in strategic analysis, business development, costing and management accounting systems, and general financial management.

As part of this service, we identify the most advisable operational and financing structures, determine the funding requirements of the same, provide financial analysis and business plans, and help facilitate project financing.

We help you get the most out of your money and your business. We help you set goals, define strategy, and execute tactics to achieve your vision for your company. We have the experience and the metrics to provide what you need to get things done right.

Our strategies take into account your personal goals, financial situation, and business goals. We have a reputation for being among the top advisory firms. We are also recognised for serving as trusted advisors during acquisitions, buy-outs, mergers, restructurings and valuations.

We also offer expert valuation services for Corporations, Businesses, Individuals, Families, among others. It is our belief that proper valuation will help you understand the true financial picture of your company or business and lead to informed decision making.



At James Alpheus Consulting, we carry out restructuring programmes for organisations to increase value-adding activities, improve service levels/quality and profits, and reduce costs.

We help companies to realise their full potential by working closely with them to introduce strategies that will produce real and measurable improvements. By identifying and eliminating inefficiencies, restructuring allows us to maximize the value of an organization for its stakeholders.

We are also experienced and knowledgeable in:

  • Competitive and market research;
  • Business strategies and planning and systems implementation for small, medium and large-sized businesses;
  • Corporate restructuring and growth;
  • HR policy issues, recruitment and selection systems, job definitions and descriptions, performance management, remuneration and reward systems, and training;
  • Analysing the financial impact of turnaround projects and evaluating proposals.
  • Business succession planning and management;
  • Market and economic analysis;
  • Market segmentation and segmentation strategies;
  • Market penetration and market expansion;
  • Market and industry research;
  • Operational strategy cost control and productivity;
  • Procurement, ordering, stock control and inventory management