Business Support Services

We’ll Help You Plan & Implement


Our Business Support Services provide efficient and long-term operational and cost-savings benefits to businesses and organisations. 


We offer business owners the professional support they need to focus on the building blocks of their core business. As your outsourced support team, James Alpheus Consulting works with your organisation to determine which areas require strategic and cost-effective support, and deliver this on a full-time, part-time or project basis.


Our range of business support services helps companies improve their productivity through the development of a comprehensive plan that addresses all the issues which may arise from an initial business analysis.


We will work with you and your internal team to establish and implement a business strategy, develop and support business systems and processes, facilitate communication across the organisation, and make sure that the team have the right knowledge and skills to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.

HR Consulting


Whether you’re starting a small business or need guidance to implement an HR strategy in your organisation, at James Alpheus Consulting, we offer a wide range of individualised programmes to help you and your company succeed.

Our HR Consulting service offers a hands-on approach to your business management. Our expertise allows us to reduce your recruitment costs while also improving the quality of the talent you’re hiring, eliminating any redundancies in your workforce, and saving you money by streamlining production flow.

While an organisation is in the process of evolution, it is vital to assess its capabilities by taking vital steps to enable strategic options for maintaining profitability within the present environment. Apart from the analysed business issues, James Alpheus Business Support Service can aid organisations in analysing market trends, determining competitors and partners, creating product launch strategies and growth plans.



Business processes—and, in particular, outsourcing these to a third party—may seem to be the ultimate example of the “specialisation of labour” that constitutes a competitive advantage. In fact, business process outsourcing represents an important source of competitive advantage for small and medium-sized firms facing global competition.

Hiring outside expertise allows you to concentrate and improve your core businesses and may even help in improving the efficiency and quality of services offered.

Our business optimisation approach uses a rigorous analysis process and a structured analytical framework to define the effectiveness of current business processes in support of achieving the operational and financial goals established for the business.


We can take the pain out of the tasks associated with Payroll Processing in your organisation. We can thus help your business reduce labour costs, increase employee productivity, and let you enjoy the hassle-free functioning of the payroll section when you leave it to us.

We efficiently take care of all aspects in payroll calculations and statutory deductions (tax, pension, HMO etc.) administration in order to ensure you stay compliant and don’t miss deadlines.