Tax Consulting

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Our tax consulting services include help with tax planning, interpreting complex tx legislation, and minimising your company’s tax burden. Our team is committed to working with our clients’ – big and small – to ensure that they comply with the tax laws and government guidelines without compromising on their core business objectives.


We help you optimise tax planning to suit your individual situation, provide compliance advice on the latest tax laws and guide you on how to lead a business that is compliant and ethical.


We take the time to understand your business, your objectives and the tax implications for your business and provide a tailored approach to assist you. Our experts work to ensure your business is compliant and tax-effective and minimise your taxes.



Our company income tax consulting service helps you identify your organisation’s tax liability in your audited account, ensure that all statutory payments are done, any relevant reliefs maximised, and generally keep your business in line with the tax laws. 

Our key services include:

  • Establishing the company’s annual capital allowances and assessing its tax liability;
  • Providing tax authorities with annual returns;
  • Obtaining certificates of corporate tax clearance;
  • Providing tax advisory services, including withholding tax responsibilities;
  • Processing the certificate of acceptance of capital expenditures in order to claim capital allowances.



Nigeria rums a Value Added Tax (VAT) system that operates by the VAT Act. As a legal obligation for businesses operating in the country, all businesses must register for VAT, charge VAT on all relevant transactions, and submit a monthly VAT return to FIRS.

Nigeria also has a Withholding Tax (WHT) system based on the various tax laws. The government mandates that businesses deduct WHT at the time of payment for qualified services.

At James Alpheus Consulting, we ensure your business’ proper and timely compliance with the VAT Act and WHT system.


We also offer personal taxation services designed to have your staff only subjected to the minimum amount of taxation possible. With our innovative income distribution schemes, you can be sure that you will get the most value for your money.

In addition, we handle the following matters in regard to employees’ personal income taxation:

  • Designing staff salaries and preparing PAYE tax returns;
  • Getting the company registered with the relevant state tax office for PAYE purposes;
  • Provide employees with personal income tax forms and remittance cards;
  • Calculating the actual tax due by each employee and remitting the same to the tax office;
  • Providing tax clearance certificates to employees;
  • Coordinating PAYE and Withholding tax audits with state tax authorities and consultants;
  • The annual filing of tax returns;
  • Annual director reports, tax clearance certificates, and the filing of directors’ tax returns;
  • Offering general guidance on other charges and taxes due to the bank.

Our top priority is working to make you and your employees’ paycheques go as far as possible and you get the most out of your incomes.